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Degrees Offered

A student entering any EPS graduate degree program is assigned a temporary advisor upon admission. The Admissions Committee consults with the faculty and attempts to develop the best possible match based on each student’s interests. By the end of the first year of study, the student should select and obtain a commitment from a professor to be his or her permanent advisor, who may or may not be the same as the temporary advisor. Pursuant to Graduate School regulations, a student's continuation in the program is contingent upon the willingness of a faculty member within the department to serve as major professor.

It is the student's responsibility to contact his/her advisor before registering for classes each semester or summer session. In order to register, students must have their advisor's approval of their course selection. When that approval is reported to Mary Jo Gessler, the Department's Student Status Examiner, automatic registration will be enabled. Course changes or course drops during a semester or summer session also require advisor approval. Each spring, as part of developing plans for the next fall, students and advisors must fill out a progress report for the student to be filed with Ms. Gessler, along with the advisor's approval to register for fall classes.

A student's advisor, with the agreement of a second member of the student's Advising Committee, or, if no committee has yet been constituted, with the agreement of the Department Chair, may, but is not obligated, to approve up to 6 credits of transfer credits from another graduate institution. Requests for approval of transfer credits may be made only after a student has enrolled in the Department. Transfer credits may not be used to reduce the minimum number of credits in EPS that are required for Masters or Ph.D. students, nor may transfer credits substitute for specific EPS courses without vote of the faculty.

A student's advisor may not unilaterally waive any departmental requirements in individual cases. All requests for exemption from requirements, including requests to offer credits from external institutions for particular EPS courses, must be referred to the Department at one of its regular monthly meetings.

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