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Master of Arts Degree

All candidates for the Master of Arts Degree must take the introductory colloquium, EPS 701, during their initial semester, or for those entering the program in the spring semester, the following fall. Students intending to complete only the M.A. degree plan a program defined by a minimum of 30 graduate-level credits. In addition to EPS 701, M.A. students must take at least 18 further credits in the Department of Educational Policy Studies (exclusive of Independent Reading and Research and Thesis). Students may count no more than 3 credits of 990 and no more than 3 credits of 999 in fulfilling the requirements for the minimum 30-credit Master’s degree. Entering Masters students who are or may be interested in pursuing the doctoral degree in EPS should plan their Master’s program in accordance with the Ph.D. Concentration requirements described below.

All candidates for the Master's Degree are required to submit a Master's paper to a committee of three faculty members, at least two of whom must be appointed in the Department, and one of whom must be the candidate's advisor. Both the student and the advisor must agree to the membership of the committee. Prior to embarking on this project students must prepare a short proposal for the paper, to be approved by the whole committee. The Master's Degree Committee will conduct an oral examination in conjunction with the Master's paper. The Master's paper must be submitted to the Committee members at least two weeks prior to the examination. The student must apply in the Departmental Office for an examination warrant at least two weeks prior to the examination. In reporting the results of the examination to the student, the Committee ordinarily takes one of three actions:

  • Awarding the M.A. with the recommendation that further study toward the Ph.D. be permitted.
  • Awarding the M.A. with the stipulation that no further graduate study be permitted in the Department of Educational Policy Studies.
  • Terminating candidacy without awarding an M.A.

All Master’s papers are to be deposited with the department's Student Status Examiner (Mary Jo) after the final version has been approved. In reaching its decision as to doctoral study the Master's Degree Committee considers such factors as the scholarly quality of the Master's paper, performance on the Master's oral examination, and the student's overall graduate record. Candidates awarded the M.A. but denied entrance to the Ph.D. program may appeal the denial to a collective vote of the Department faculty.

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