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Criteria For Satisfactory Progress

Graduate School Criteria

The Department of Educational Policy Studies has adopted as part of its statement of Criteria Concerning Satisfactory Progress as a Graduate Student the relevant passages from the Bulletin: Education School, which are reproduced below. In order to make explicit what is meant by the phrase that a student's continuation in the Graduate School is "at the discretion of the student's advisor," the department has added to the Graduate School Statement a statement of its own, clarifying departmental procedures governing graduate student-advisor relationships. Further considerations concerning grades and timely completion of steps toward the degree are also part of satisfactory progress.

Any student's continuation in the Graduate School is at the discretion of the Graduate School, the student's major department, and the advisor. The Graduate School requires an average record of B or better in all work (excluding research credits) taken as a graduate student unless conditions for probationary status require higher grades. Grades of Incomplete are considered to be unsatisfactory if they are not removed during the next semester of residence. In special cases the Graduate School permits a student with a record which does not meet this standard to continue on probation upon recommendation of the advisor. Because every student who uses University facilities must be registered, provision has been made for registration on a per-credit basis. Minimum registration is 2 credits in either the semester or summer sessions.

Holders of Research Assistantships, Fellowships, and Scholarships supported by the Graduate School are, in general, required to carry a full program of studies (i.e. 8 or more credits) during their appointments. A scholar, fellow, or assistant who has passed preliminary examinations and completed his/her residence may, however, carry a program consisting of 2 or more credits of research under direction of his/her advisor on a per-credit basis.

Degree-specific Criteria

Criteria for Minimal Satisfactory Progress, Master's Degree
Criteria for Minimal Satisfactory Progress, Ph.D. Degree

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