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Criteria for Minimal Satisfactory Progress, Ph.D. Degree

All persons who have been accepted by EPS to pursue studies for the Ph.D. are required to meet the minimum criteria listed below. The student who does not will be so informed and will be referred to the department chair in consultation with his/her advisor for review and consideration of termination. If a termination is recommended, that decision will be reviewed by the department faculty. A student can appeal to the Department for reconsideration of any termination decision. These policies in no way supersede or are a substitute for regulations of the Graduate School.

  1. The student must have an advisor in Educational Policy Studies who supervises the student's studies in EPS.
  2. The student must maintain an over-all grade point of at least 3.25 in graduate courses completed at UW-Madison for credit toward the degree. If the GPA falls below 3.25, the student will have the next term in which he/she is enrolled to raise the GPA to the minimum level before progress will be unsatisfactory. Letter grades of "P" or "S" are not considered in determining GPA.
  3. Grade of Incomplete must be removed as follows:
    1. For a course receiving a grade of Incomplete in the fall semester, students must complete and submit to the instructor all required work no later than the 6th week of the spring semester.
    2. For a course receiving a grade of Incomplete in the spring semester, students must complete and submit to the instructor all required work no later than the 6th week of the fall semester.
    3. For a course receiving a grade of Incomplete during summer session, students must complete and submit to the instructor all required work no later than the 6th week of the following fall semester. If a student fails to meet these conditions, the department must have a statement from the professor of the course requesting a specified period of extension not to exceed one semester. When a student has more than 6 credits of that have not been removed within the specified period, his/her progress is to be considered unsatisfactory.
  4. An approved plan of study constituting a Concentration and satisfaction of the breadth requirement must be completed by the end of the student’s third semester of graduate study in EPS.
  5. The following time limits are considered minimal for satisfactory progress toward completion of the Ph.D. The student will be regarded as making satisfactory progress when he/she has:
    1. passed the Preliminary Examination within the equivalent of three years of full-time study after admission to the Ph.D. program. The Preliminary Examination may be taken only after the student has completed a minimum of 9 credits subsequent to being awarded the master's degree. Any student may file a request for an extension of time with the department provided that request is supported in writing by the advisor.
    2. passed the final oral examination within 5 years after formal admission to the Ph.D. program, unless the student has filed a request for extension with the department that has been approved by the student's dissertation committee. (See Graduate School regulations.)
  6. Enrollment in the Ph.D. program will be terminated for the student who:
    1. has failed the Ph.D. preliminary examination for the second time, or
    2. has, in the judgment of the dissertation committee, failed to make satisfactory progress.
  7. Any student who fails to take either the Preliminary Examination or the final oral examination within the time limits suggested will, unless granted an extension, be declared "inactive." An inactive student is not eligible for any examination or for the degree until his/her program has been reviewed and approved by the dissertation committee. The purpose of the review is to determine: whether the student should seek re-submission to doctoral study, whether additional course work may be necessary, and/or whether the thesis proposal or thesis remains acceptable.

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