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The education studies degree program addresses urgent questions related to domestic and global education policy and practice. Majors will become well-informed leaders who can engage critically, thoughtfully, and ethically in educational policy debates and practices in Wisconsin, the nation, and the world.

Undergraduates interested in issues of inequality and social justice will study these dimensions of educational reform. Courses explore the interconnections between education and other major socio-economic institutions, including the justice system, the healthcare system, family advocacy systems, economic development, and foreign affairs. Students study educational debates including those concerning education-related social disparities and the pursuit of equal educational opportunities for all, land have opportunities to engage in community-based learning, study abroad, and internship experiences related to education studies.

The education studies major prepares students for work in educational and governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations (both domestic and international), think tanks, policy institutes, community organizations, and other out-of-school educational spaces. Graduates might serve as policy directors or in other positions of institutional leadership and will be well prepared to work in education-related organizations or to pursue advanced studies in educational policy at the graduate level.

Graduates will receive a Bachelor of Science degree in education studies from the School of Education. This program does not lead to teacher certification.

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