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Student Awards and Degrees for 2017-2018


  • Derek Taira

  • Dorothy Cheng

  • Amy Porter

  • Rachel Feldman

  • Jenny Seelig

  • Nicolette Pawlowski

  • Sejung Ham


  • Spero Thatcher

  • Linda Pheng

  • Olayinka Olagbegi

  • Catherine Dixon

  • Kathy Villalon

  • Ashley Smith

Master’s Degree             

  • Maria Velazquez

  • James Gleckner

  • Diana Famakinwa

  • Miriam Sedighi

  • Marlo Reeves

  • Anthony Hernandez

  • Rebecca Fine

  • Molly Blake

  • Caitlin Brecklin

  • Caitlin Bergeon

  • Lena Batt

Fishman Award

  • Brett Bertucio

Kliebard Award

  • Eleni Schirmer

Mary Metz Award

  • Mercy Agyepong
  • Lena Batt
  • Anthony Hernandez
  • Rachel Johnson
  • Maria Velazquez

Palmer Award

  • Alexandra Allweiss

University Fellowship

  • Ned Frame

EdGRS Fellow

  • Tarsha Herelle
  • Julissa Ventura
  • Juan Medina
  • Kathy Villalon
  • Ashley Smith


Virginia Horne Henry Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowship

  • Rachel Silver

2017  "New Generations" award by the United Association of Labor Education

  • Eleni Schirmer

Mellon Wisconsin Summer Fellowship

  • Nick Strohl

2017 "Woman to Watch" by BRAVA Magazine

  • Christin Calloway

Outstanding Women of Color Award

  • Julissa Ventura

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowship

  • Tarsha Herelle
  • Tyler Hook

Adam Smith Fellowship through the Mercatus Center at George Mason University

  • Ned Frame

Labor Research and Action Network Grant

  • Eleni Schirmer

RWJF Health Policy Research Scholars Fellowship

  • Regina Fuller

Albert Shanker Educational Research Fellowship

  • Eleni Schirmer

AERA Minority Dissertation Fellowship

  • Eujin Park

P.E.O. Scholar Award

  • Rachel Silver

Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

  • Regina Fuller

Publications Snapshot

  • Agyepong, Mercy (Forthcoming 2017). The struggles of invisibility: The perception and treatment of 1.5 and 2nd generation Black African students in the United States. In O. Ukpokodu (Ed.), Erasing invisibility: Educational excellence and social justice for African immigrants.Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Eujin Park and Jia-Hui Stefanie Wong on their recent co-authored publication (with Stacey Lee), entitled “Racialization, Schooling, and Becoming American: Asian American Experiences.”  The article was recently published online in the journal Educational Studies. 
  • Ashley Smith on the release of her new publication, "#BlackWomenMatter: Neo-Capital Punishment Ideology in the Wake of State Violence" in The Journal of Negro Education.
  • Brett Bertucio, “The Cartesian Heritage of Blooms Taxonomy,” Studies in Philosophy and Education – in press
  • Park, Eujin  "Finding the “Korean Part”: Reinforcing Cultural Boundaries in a Korean Language School, Anthropology and Education Quarterly. (Forthcoming)
  • Seelig, Jennifer  (forthcoming, 2017). Battling declining enrollment: Rural schools in a competitive society. Australian & International Journal of Rural Education.
  • Ventura, Julissa (2017) “We Created That Space with Everybody”: Constructing a Community Space of Belonging and Familia in a Latinx Youth Group. Association of Mexican American Educators (AMAE) Journal.  
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