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Student Awards and Degrees for 2017-2018


  • Kirk Anderson

  • Nick Strohl


  • Catherine Reigel

  • Olayinka Olagbegi

  • Kathy Villalon

  • Bret Bertucio

  • Eric Luckey

  • Shanshan Jiang

  • Diana Famakinwa

  • Glen Waters

  • Jenny Otting

  • Edgar Valles

  • Amato Nocera

  • Marlo Reeves

  • Huimin Wang

  • Qing Liu

  • Anthony Hernandez

Master’s Degree             

  • Caitlin Brecklin

  • Lena Batt

  • Mai Neng Vang

  • Arun Kolar

  • Choua Xiong

  • Rosie Meisner

  • Rachel Johnson

  • Molly Blake

  • Liz Hauck

  • ​Mary Johnson

  • Kate Suchor

  • James Meadows

Fishman Award

  • Eric Luckey

Kliebard Award

  • Mercy Agyepong
  • Eujin Park
  • Rachel Silver

Mary Metz Award

  • Anthony Hernandez
  • Rachel Johnson
  • Regina Fuller
  • Sidra Rind
  • Mariam Sedighi

Palmer Award

  • Julissa Ventura

University Fellowship

  • Ned Frame

EdGRS Fellow

  • Claudia Triana
  • Michael Davis
  • Jonathan Berhanu
  • Linda Pheng
  • Kathy Villalon


Avril S. Barr Fellowship

  • Upenyu Majee

Theodora Herfurth Kubly Fellowship

  • Mercy Agyepong

Avril S. Barr Award

  • Erin Cantos

Outstanding Women of Color Award

  • Julissa Ventura

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowship

  • Tarsha Herelle
  • Tyler Hook

Adam Smith Fellowship through the Mercatus Center at George Mason University

  • Ned Frame

Labor Research and Action Network Grant

  • Eleni Schirmer

RWJF Health Policy Research Scholars Fellowship

  • Regina Fuller

Albert Shanker Educational Research Fellowship

  • Eleni Schirmer

AERA Minority Dissertation Fellowship

  • Eujin Park

P.E.O. Scholar Award

  • Rachel Silver

Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

  • Regina Fuller

Publications Snapshot

  • Maria Velazquez was recently awarded a Graduate Student Peer Mentor Award from the Multicultural Graduate Network.

  • Agyepong, M. (2017). The struggles of invisibility: The perception and treatment of 1.5 and 2nd generation Black African students in the United States. In O. Ukpokodu (Ed.), Erasing invisibility: Educational excellence and social justice for African immigrants. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

  • Stefani Wong, Visiting Assistant Professor of Educational Studies at Trinity College in Hartford, CT

  • Amato Nocera,  “Negotiating the Aims of African American Adult Education: Race and Liberalism in the Harlem Experiment, 1931–1935,” History of Education Quarterly, 58:1.

  • Caitlin Brecklin has been named a Future Faculty Fellow of the UW Madison Teaching Academy.

  • Jennifer Otting has published her article "Rendering technical the responsible citizen: implementing citizenship education reform in Kosovo," in the journal Compare: Journal of Comparative & International Education

  • Alex Allweiss has accepted the position of Assistant Professor of Teacher Education at Michigan State University to begin in January 2019.

  • Maria Velazquez was recently accepted to attend the Summer Dissertation Proposal Writing Workshop sponsored by The Institute of Research on Poverty and Howard University.

  • Julissa Ventura was awarded a prestigious Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Colorado, Boulder

  • EPS alum Jennifer Seelig, was recently awarded the Outstanding Dissertation Award for AERA’s Division L (in addition to an Outstanding Dissertation Award for the Rural Sociology Special Interest Group (SIG) through AERA.

  • Tarsha Herelle: recipient of the Tinker-Nave Fellowship for summer research in Brazil; alternate for the Ford Foundation fellowship

  • Tyler Hook: recipient of the West African Research Association Predoctoral Fellowship for Research in West Africa; admitted to the Department of Anthropology to pursue a joint-degree.

  • Diana Famakinwa has been awarded an African Studies Summer Fieldwork Award.

  • Olaykina Olagbegi has received the Scott Kloeck-Jenson (SKJ) fieldwork award – summer 2018.

  • Bianca Baldridge, with EPS affiliate John Diamond and colleagues Erika Bullock and Kendra Alexander, was one of four teams chosen in the School of Education’s Grand Challenges competition for their project “Mobilizing Youth Voices for Racial Justice”

  • Eric Luckey has two publications this year: one in Commentary, the other in Pedagogica Historica.

  • Nick Strohl published a book chapter in Christine A. Ogren and Marc A. VanOverbeke, eds. Rethinking Campus Life: New Perspectives on the History of Being a College Student in the United States.

  • Walter Stern received an NAEd/Spencer postdoctoral fellowship.

  • Bill Reese received the SOE Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award.

  • Linn Posey-Maddox led a successful proposal for a Collaborative Training Grant from the Graduate School.

  • Upenyu Magee, Scholarship to participate in the 2018 World Education Services-Center for International Higher Education Summer Institute

  • Upenyu Magee, Graduate School Conference Presentation Award, UW-Madison

  • Apple, M. W., Gandin, L.A., Liu, S., Meshulam, A. and Schirmer, E. (2018). The Struggle for Democracy in Education: Lessons From Social Realities. New York: Routledge.

  • Apple, M. W. (2018). Puede La Educacion Cambiar La Sociedad? Santiago, Chile: LOM Ediciones.

  •  Apple, M. W. “Doing Things the ‘Right’ Way” Named as Hall of Fame article, Educational Review

  • Michael Apple, Distinguished Alumnus Award, Rowan University

  • Michael Apple, Appointed Distinguished Visiting Professor, Rowan University

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