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University and Federal Financial Aid


Students are eligible to compete for UW-Madison fellowships. The department has a small number of teaching and project assistantships. In addition students in Educational Policy Studies are frequently successful in competing for assistantships on professors’ research grants through the Wisconsin Center for Education Research and other research organizations on campus, as well as for administrative assistantships and for teaching assistantships in related departments. University assistantships of at least one third time routinely provide tuition remission (except for segregated fees), medical insurance, and a stipend.

Several kinds of special awards are also available. These include Vilas Fellowships limited to holders of University of Wisconsin degrees, international doctoral student travel grants, Advanced Opportunity Fellowship (AOF) for minority students, and E. B. Fred Fellowships for returning adult students. For more complete information on financial aid check the EPS bulletin board or the Graduate School Fellowship Office.

For more information on fellowships, please see the Graduate School Fellowships Office website.

For more information on Federal Financial Aid through the University of Wisconsin, please see the UW Office of Student Financial Aid.

Departmental Aid

EPS Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships constitute the typical form of Departmental assistance. Assistantships of one-third time or more permit holders tuition remission and carry health benefits. Teaching assistantships for pre-dissertators are awarded on the assumption that the student will take at least 6 credits during the semester in which an assistantship is awarded. Exceptions may be made by vote of the Executive Committee.

When a Teaching Assistantship becomes available, the professor in charge of the relevant course will publicize the criteria for selection. Applications should be made directly to the professor. Appointments of T.A.s need confirmation by the Departmental Executive Committee.

Teaching Assistantships are given brief evaluations by their supervising professors, which become part of their departmental folders and may be considered in later awards of such positions.
EPS graduate students are not eligible for more than 50 percent of “full time equivalent” support from any combination of the following sources in any given fall, spring or summer term: university-wide fellowships (excluding the Vilas, Travel grants and other comparable small grants), EPS teaching assistantships, EPS lectureships, and research assistantships administered by the Department.

When a student is offered more than one of the above awards, the combined amount of which would exceed 50 percent of FTE, the student must choose between these awards in order to comply with the 50 percent rule. When EPS faculty have funds for research assistantships that are not administered by the Department, they are urged to follow this policy. Exceptions to this policy will be made only in unusual circumstances.

Because funds available to the Department for support of students are limited, no graduate student shall, with the exception specified below, receive more than six semesters of financial aid from the Department. Financial aid is defined to include program assistantships and teaching assistantships. In rare circumstances, warranted by Departmental needs, a student may be appointed as a Program/Teaching Assistant despite have received 6 semesters of prior support. Lectureships and program assistantships on individual professor’s research grants are not included in this limitation.

Departmental Awards

Departmental Forms

  • Graduate School Recommendation Form
  • Departmental Course Work Verfication Form
  • Ph.D. Minor Agreement Form
  • Undergraduate EPS certificate course list sheet
  • Undergraduate EPS certificate declaration of intent or withdrawal
  • General Information Sheet
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