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EPS 2017 Annual Conference

University of Wisconsin-Madison

April 6-7, 2017

All events occur in 159 Education Building unless otherwise noted

Thursday, April 6

1-3 PM Film and Discussion: Starving the Beast
-Discussion led by Nancy Kendall

3:15-4:30 PM Research Methods Workshop for Graduate Students: Case Study Methods
-Lesley Bartlett, University of Wisconsin-Madison
-Oren Pizmony-Levy, Teachers college, Columbia University

5 PM Welcome
-Adam Nelson, Chair, Education Policy Studies

5:10-5:55 PM Keynote: Oren Pizmony Levy, Teachers College, Columbia University

Title: Origins and Consequences of International Assessments in Education

6-6:30 PM Discussants:
-Tom Popkewitz, University of Wisconsin-Madison
-David Kaplan, University of Wisconsin-Madison

6:30-7:00 PM General discussion

Friday, April 7

9-9:05 Welcome
-Dean Diana Hess

AM Keynote: Professor Amita Chudgar, Michigan State University

Title: Inequality in Teacher Distribution Cross-nationally: What Do We Know, Why Is It Important?

9:50-10 AM Whole group discussion

10-10:20 AM Small group discussion

10:30-11:30 Panel: Interventions in Inequality
-Professor Kathryn Moeller, University of Wisconsin Madison
Title: The Girl Effect: Corporate Interventions in Radicalized and Gendered Poverty

-Professor Li-Ching Ho,  University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: Tracking and Citizenship Education in Singapore

-Dean Shi Quihing, Xiamen university
Title: Quality of Undergraduate Enrollment at Different Types of College in China

-Professor John Baldacchino, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: Unschooling

11:30-12 Small Group Discussions of Interventions of Inequality

12:15-1:45 Student panels (break-out rooms listed below)

Panel 1: Community in Educational Efforts: Room 298 Education
-Gwen Baxely and Mike Davis
: (Black) Community Control over Community Schools: lessons and Future Imaginings from Black Panther Schools and freedom Schools
-Molly Blake:
Compound Sentences: An Examination of the The Candle, the UW Extension Program, and Prison Education Discourse, 1943-1945
-Regina Fuller: "Children's Education is the Mother's Responsibility": Gender and Early Childhood Education in Rwanda
Amy Porter: Entrepreneurship Training: Becoming a Portuer de Projet
Discussants: Ashley Smith and Erica Turner

Panel 2: Educational Policy and Educational Equity: Room 299 Education
-Paula R. Cruz: 
Explaining Change in Higher Education Beyond NeoLiberalism: A Postcolonial Perspective
-Yuan Xue: The convergence of Internationalization Strategies in China's Research Universities from the perspective of Organizational Theory
-Elizabeth Zweir:  la Educacion es el Alma de los Pueblos: Intersectional identities in School Involvement Policy and Practice
Discussants: Rosie Miesner and Stacey Lee

Panel 3: Questions of Access: ​Room290 Education
-Upenyu Majee: Confronting Educational Inequalities Within and
Across Borders: The Possibilities and Limitations of #FeesMustFall

-James Meadows: Reverse Racism: A Genelogical History
-Maria D. Velazquez: Perspectives on Embedded Honors: A Case
Study of Policies & Practices and Implications for Detracking

Discussants: Tyler Hook and Lesley Bartlett

Panel 4: College Students and Educational Equity: Room 291 Education

-Shanshan Jiang: Rethinking the Town-Gown Relationship: Elite
Student Migration and Housing Transformation in the United

-Thatcher Spero: Developments in Internationalization of Higher
Education in Non-Native English Speaking Countries: A
Qualitative Case Study of English-Medium Instruction Education at
University in Japan

-Jing Tian: International Graduate Students' Academic Adaptation in
American Public Research University

Discussants: Tarsha Herelle and Kathryn Moeller

2-3 PM Flash Talks: Epistemologies and Research Methods for Inequalities in Education
-Amita Chugdar (economics and development studies)
-Nancy Kendall (comparative and international education (CIE))
-Stacy lee (anthropology)
-Adam Nelson (history)
-Oren Pizmony-Levy (sociology and CIE)

Plus small group discussions at tables

3-3:45 PM Keynote: Professor Luis Gandin, Universidade Federal de Rio Grande do Sul
Title:The Citizen School Project in Porto Alegre, Brazil and the Expansion of the Education Imaginary

3:45-4 PM Discussion

4-4:30 Responses: Efforts to Address Global Educational Inequality
-Professor Taucia Gonzalez, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Topic: Participatory Action Research
-Professor ​Nick Hillman, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Topic: Communicating our Work to Broad Audiences

4:30-5 Whole group discussion: How to move equity forward in our own work

Amita Chudgar is Associate Professor of Education Policy at Michigan State University. Her
work examines the influence of home, school, and community contexts on educational access
and achievement of children in resource-constrained environments. Through the analysis of
diverse, large-scale, national (India), regional (South Asia and Francophone Africa) and crossnational
datasets, she explores the role of policy-relevant variables in ensuring equal educational
opportunities for disadvantaged children. Her most recent work considers two themes: first, the
distribution of quality teachers in underserved areas, and second, the impact of the growth of
private schools on educational equity in India. Prior to joining Michigan State, Prof. Chudgar
trained in economics, development and education.

Luis Armando Gandin is Professor of Sociology of Education at the School of Education of the
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, has been a Distinguished Visiting Professor
at Oakland University (2006/2007), and is currently a Visiting Professor at the Department of
Educational Policy Studies of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Spring 2017). Among his
publications are The Routledge International Handbook of Critical Education (with Michael
Apple and Wayne Au) and The Routledge International Handbook of the Sociology of Education
(with Michael Apple and Stephen Ball). He is the Editor of two journals: Educação & Realidade
and Currículo sem Fronteiras. Prof. Gandin’s research interests are Sociology of Education,
Curriculum, and Educational Policy and Reform.

Oren Pizmony-Levy is an Assistant Professor in the Department of International and
Transcultural Studies at Teachers College, Columbia University. Trained as a sociologist, his
scholarship centers on the intersection of education and social movements. He is interested in the
emergence of movements that challenge schools and education systems globally, the role of
transnational actors and domestic actors in the development of these movements, and the
intended and unintended consequences of movements. He has looked in particular at three social
movements: international assessment of student achievement, environmental and sustainability
education, and sexual orientation and gender identity education.  Prof. Pizmony-Levy’s most
recent work examines the Opt Out movement in the U.S.
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