Elizabeth Hauck

Position title: History and Humanities

Email: ehauck@wisc.edu

Liz Hauck is a doctoral student in the departments of Educational Policy Studies and History, with a focus on the history of American education. Liz is interested in ideas about equity, mercy, and the distribution of educational opportunity in the United States, and studies how schooling intersects public and private interests, how race has been constructed as a determining factor in individual and family access to the full benefits of American citizenship, and how mothers’ activism is a portal to understanding the relationship between public schools, rights, and differently imagined versions of American freedom. More broadly, Liz is interested in how memory shapes stories and stories make history, and how the stories we tell ourselves shape, and are shaped by, our understanding of our communities and the world. Her work is informed by over a decade of service as a high school teacher in the Boston Public Schools, and two years as an Americorps volunteer in Chicago, where she worked as a teacher in a dual-language high school. Liz works with Professors Adam Nelson and William Reese, and the title of her MA thesis is: “The Hands That Rocked the Cradle of Liberty: The ‘conservative-not-feminist’ activism of the white mothers of ROAR in Boston in the 1970s.”