Choua P. Xiong

Position title: Social Sciences and Education


Choua’s research approach is informed by her activism as an educator in Southeast Asian community-based educational spaces, schools, and higher education. At UW, Choua participated in various collaborative and community-based participatory action research (CBPAR) projects that center the perspectives of minoritized youth and interrogate the roles communities of color play in educating youth about schooling, political participation, belonging, historical trauma, and healing. As a continuation of her U.S.-based projects, Choua’s dissertation, funded by the USED Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Abroad 2019 award and NAEd/Spencer Dissertation 2020 Fellowship, examines how stateless people navigate exclusionary practices of citizenship and demand inclusive educational opportunities within a nationalistic, neoliberal school in northern Thailand. Her dissertation titled “HMoob-making Lessons: Politics of Belonging, Home-making and Education,” reveals that HMoob youth, parents, community leaders, and teachers practice home-making in school spaces by using their indigenous relationship to the land to redefine boundaries of belonging beyond nation-state.