Graduate Theses

Explore a sample list of theses written by past Department of Educational Policy Studies graduate students.

MA Title Professor Year
Andrew Wells Politics and Partnerships: Black Radicalism and Education in Wilmington, North Carolina, 1865-1877 Walter Stern 2019
Choua Xiong The Moment I knew I was Woke”: Civic Engagement and Political Education for Southeast Asian American Youth in a Social Justice-oriented Community-Based Organization Stacey Lee 2017
Demond Hill Moving Towards Freedom: Locating Liberation in Black Youth Workers and Community-based Educational Spaces Bianca Baldrige 2020
James Meadows Reverse Racism: Courts, Colleges and the History of an Idea Walter Stern 2018
Katie Suchor Say What You Really Believe’: Freedom Schools, Youth Empowerment, and Black Power in 1960s Milwaukee Adam Nelson-Erica Turner 2018
Liz Hauck The Hands that Rocked the Cradle of Liberty: The ‘conservative not feminist’ activism of white mothers of R.O.A.R. in Boston during the 1970s Adam Nelson 2017
Mai Neng Vang …giving them that safe space to be Hmoob”: One community’s response to hegemonic forces Stacey Lee 2017
Mary Johnson Black D/deaf Youth: Illuminating Forgotten Voices Bianca Baldrige 2018
Merry Farrier We Got Love for Each Other’: Building Relationships in a Strength-Based Peer Mentoring Program Erica Turner
Rachel Johnson Hoping to Rise: The Complexity of Black Parent Engagement in an African American Immersion School Linn Posey-Maddox 2017
Rose Miesner Disruption, Dilemmas, and Discretion: Understanding the Daily Work of Special Educators Erica Turner
Anthony Hernadez Material Hardship in Community and Technical Colleges. Lesley Bartlett 2017
Ned Frame Black Power, Black Studies: Creating the Afro-American Studies Department at the University of Wisconsin, 1966-1970 Adam Nelson 2019
Marlo A. Reeves Youth In(Action)? A Case Study of Youth Organizing in the Midwest 2017
PhD Title Professors Year
Alexandra Alleiss Chuj Youth Organizing, Indigenous Education, and Decolonization Across Borders Kathryn Moller 2018
Andrew Knudsen American Teachers, American Workers: AFT, NEA, and the Politics of Performance, 1945-2015 Adam Nelson 2018
Ashley Smith Everyday Anti-Black Girl Violence: Surviving and Learning Amidst Persistent School Violence Against Middle School Black Girls 2020
Eujin Park Community-Based Education Spaces, Educational Opportunity, and Racial Positioning in a Korean Immigrant Community Linn Possey-Maddox 2018
Eleni Schirmer Changing Structures, Structuring Change: The Political Economy of Education and the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association, 1964-201 Erica Turner
Jesus Renteria Latinx College Students in STEM: An Ethnographic Study that Explores Institutional and Student Related Factors of Academic Success and Struggle Stacey Lee 2020
Juan Medina The Politics of Language and Race: Latinx Youth’s Racial Identity Development in Community-Based Educational Spaces. 2020
Julissa Ventura Spaces of Nourishment for Latinx Youth: Bridging School and Community Contexts Linn Possey-Maddox 2018
Kirk Anderson
Lee Rensimer Going Global: Representation and Sense-Making in the British International Branch Campuses of the United Arab Emirates (2019 Dissertation) Lesley Bartlett 2019
Mercy Ageypong Blackness and Africanness: Black West African immigrant students’ experiences in two New York City high schools Linn Possey-Maddox 2019
Miriam Thangaraj
Nick Strohl The Truman Commission and the Unfulfilled Promise of American Higher Education Adam Nelson 2019
Rachel Silver Sex, Schooling, and Moral Triage in Malawi.
Sidra Rind
Stefanie Wong White Dominance in Diverse Schools: The Possibilities and Limits of Multicultural and Social Justice Education Stacey Lee 2018
Thatcher Spero The Myth and Reality of Developing Global Citizens: A Qualitative Case Study of Higher Education Internationalization in Japan
Upenyu Majee
Jake Malloy An Actor-Network Approach to Evaluation in Wisconsin Schools Erica Turner