International and Comparative Education Research Group (ICERG)

The Department of Educational Policy Studies’ International and Comparative Education Research Group (ICERG) was founded in 2003 by EPS comparative and international education (CIE) faculty and students, and officially registered as a graduate student organization through the UW–Madison student organization office in 2005. ICERG is an organization dedicated to scholarly discussion of work in the field of international and comparative education. It is committed to providing an informal, friendly atmosphere where students and faculty can discuss papers, master’s theses, research, conference presentations, or ideas-in-progress. ICERG welcomes everyone and anyone interested in international and comparative issues in education. Approximately 15-20 students and faculty members attend monthly ICERG gatherings. Attendees include students from EPS, curriculum and instruction, the LaFollette Institute, and sometimes area studies departments.

Professor Lesley Bartlett is the faculty advisor for the organization. Carla Z Glave, Yenny Chavarria and Micaela Wensjoe, students in EPS, coordinate ICERG events and presentations.

For any questions or inquiries, please email