Selah Agaba

Position title: Comparative International Education and Global Studies


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Selah Agaba is a joint doctoral student in Cultural Anthropology and Educational Policy Studies studying with Dr. Claire Wendland and Dr. Nancy Kendall. Her research focuses on the comprehensiveness and applicability of policies governing sexual and reproductive health issues for adolescents in East Africa. Specifically, Selah’s dissertation aims to understand adolescent pregnancy through a comprehensive examination of the lived experiences of adolescent boys and girls in Uganda. The aim is to use this understanding to inform the policies and practices of all the stakeholders who are invested in making the lives of young people better.

Selah has extensive experience as an educator and researcher. She holds a master’s in education in International Educational Development from Teachers College, Columbia University, MA in Public Elementary Education from Brandeis University and a BA in African Languages and Literature from Makerere University, Uganda.