Yaa Oparebea Ampofo

Position title: Comparative International Education and Global Studies

Email: ampofo@wisc.edu

Yaa Oparebea Ampofo is a doctoral student in the Department of Educational Policy Studies with a concentration in comparative and international education. Her research interests lie at the intersection of education decolonization, environmental studies, and sustainable development discourses. She is particularly interested in thinking through and within alternative and subaltern ecological frameworks of planetary health and her research compares the narratives, representations, and practices of environmental and sustainability education across indigenous, religious, and Western-scientific discursive spaces in Ghana. Her work seeks to address how these different frameworks conceptualize human-environment interdependencies, socio-environmental change, and responsibilization, with a focus on their capacities to capture the broad public imagination and influence public policy. Her goal is that such research may deepen our understanding of environmental and sustainability education and create opportunities for new and powerful educational approaches to realizing sustainable human and planetary well-being.